The service in charge of passenger handling is responsible for a correct procedure in handling transit, transfer and involuntary re-routed passengers. All the airports concerned must be informed by a Teletype PTM (Passenger Transfer Message) and LDM (Load Message) and SOM (Seat Occupied Message) about the movement of transfer and transit passengers.  

Transit passengers

All transit passengers are defined as passengers who make an intermediate landing between the airports of their departure and destination and then continue their travel on the same flight (same flight number). During the stop they stay on board, or, due to government or safety regulations, wait in the transit lounge (exceptions are possible for passengers requiring special handling). In the case of disembarking the aircraft, transit passengers are given transit-boarding passes and are accompanied to the transit lounge).  


  • After receiving the LDM (SOM, etc.), prepare transit boarding passes
  • Await transit passengers and distribute transit boarding passes (after their tickets have been inspected)

Compare the number of the issued transit boarding passes with the number of transit passengers according to the Load sheet and messages received – Report the number of transit passengers to Load Control.

Transfer passengers  

As transfer passengers are defined as those Passengers who have a stopover of under 24 hours anywhere between the starting point and final destination of their journey and then board a connecting flight with the same or a different airline. The welcome service (handling agent) is liable to ensure them transfer to the connecting flight if they present themselves immediately upon arrival.

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