AIR TERMINAL – A building, usually at an airport, that provides services to passengers that are arriving and departing by airplane. Or

A building in which passengers for an aircraft comes together before getting on board their aircraft or from which they leave at the end of their journey. It may be at the airport or some distance away.

AIR TO AIR – from one aircraft to another aircraft in- flight.

AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER(S) – A person at an airport who gives instructions by radio to pilots of aircraft departing, landing and in-flight.

CONTROL TOWER – A building at an airport from which the movements of aircraft are controlled.

AIRBUS – An aircraft operating regularly over short or medium distances.

AILERON – A part of the wing of an aircraft that moves up down to control the aircraft balance while it is flying.

AIRCREW – A pilot and others responsible for flying an aircraft together with those who look after the comfort of any passenger.

AIRLANE – It’s a path through the air regularly used by air in flight.

AIRFORCE – It’s a military organization of a country that is concerned with attack defends from the air.

AIRSPEED – The speed at which an aircraft travels through the air.

PILOT – A person who flies an aircraft.

AIRCRAFT – Any machine or structure that can fly in the air and carry goods and passengers.

AIRPLANE – It is an aircraft with wings and one or more engines.

BOARDING GATE – A building at the airport where passengers sit and wait before boarding the aircraft.

AERONAUTIC – A scientific study or practice of constructing and flying an aircraft.

AERODROME – Small airport used mainly by private aircraft or for the training of pilots.

AIRFIELD – Is it an area of an open level ground where an aircraft can land.

AIRLINE – A Company or service providing regular flights for public use.

AIRBASE – A place from which military aircraft operate.

AIRPORT – It is an air open area where an aircraft can land and take-off usually with facilities for passengers and goods and customs.

AIRSPACE – The part of the atmosphere or the air or sky above a country that is legally controlled by the country. Therefore, the violation of one airspace without permission is considered illegal and can cause confrontation between the countries to involve.

AIRWAY – It is a route in the air regularly used by aircraft.

TAXI – A slow movement of an aircraft after landing or before taking off.

RUNWAY – A hard surface along which an aircraft takes-off and lands.

LANDSIDE – This is a section of an airport where access is not restricted or controlled.

WAITING AREA – A building in which passengers, escorts, meet and assist sit and wait for the necessary process.

AIRSTRIP – (Landing field or landing strip) – it is a ground cleared of bush etc. for an aircraft to land on.

AIRSIDE – This is a section of an airport where access is very much restricted. Those that are allowed into these restricted areas are:

1) The staff of the airport

2) Excursion group

3) Passengers.