REFUNDS – The repayment of either in full or part of a fare to the passenger for unused carriage tickets or other services. There are two kinds of refunds. These are Involuntary and Voluntary refunds.

INVOLUNTARY REFUND – A refund of an unused ticket or portion of an unused M.C.O where the carrier cancels, changes schedules, under or over the carriage, off-loading misconnection, and safety or legal reasons.

VOLUNTARY REFUND – A refund of an unused ticket of an unused M.C.O. other than an involuntary refund.

AIR – HOST OR AIR HOSTESS – A person who serves passengers in an aircraft.

BOARDING PASS – Card handed to a passenger before boarding an aircraft. 

INFANT – A passenger who has not to attain his or her second birthday.

FREEDOM OF THE AIR – Traffic night bilaterally arranged among various nations.

GO SHOW (GOSH) – A passenger without reservation, but eventually boards the aircraft.

NO SHOW (NOSH) – A passenger holding a confirmed reservation ticket but fails to report at the airport for boarding and at the same time fails to inform the airline concern about his or her sudden change in plan.

OPEN TICKET – Ticket that does not specify the date of travel, leaving the passenger to secure a reservation at a later date.

ORIGIN – The initial point at which a journey commences.

DESTINATION – A point at which a journey terminates.

BULKHEAD – A partition in an aircraft that separates the classes of services.

BULKHEAD SEAT – A seat immediately after a bulkhead or aircraft partition.

AISLE – A long narrow space between rows of a seat in an aircraft.

AISLE SEAT – A seat immediately after the Aisle/Gangway.

GANGWAY – A passageway through which to enter or leave.

PASSENGER – Any person, except members of the carrier being carried in an aircraft with the consent of the carrier.

OVERBOOKING – Deliberate or mistake information on the part of the airline concerned with more reservations than space available in an aircraft.

DOWNGRADE – To move a passenger involuntarily to a lower grade of a class of services.

UPGRADE – To move a passenger involuntarily to an upper grade of a class of service.

CONFIRMED RESERVATION – Oral or written statement by a Hotel, Restaurants, Airline or other suppliers of a needed service that the request for a reservation has been received and shall be dully honored

CONDITION OF CARRIAGE – Means; terms and conditions are shown on a passenger’s ticket and baggage Tag.

CHECK-IN – Formalities undertaken by the intended passenger on his/her arrival at the airport before proceeding for the boarding an aircraft or formalities undertaken by a customer on arrival in a Hotel, Restaurant, Guesthouse or a Resort before check-into his reserved chambers or bedroom such as signing the register book.

RECONFIRMATION – Is updating a ticket for a journey that has been broken for at least 72-hours’ notice of intention to continue such journey on the part of the passenger must be given to the airline concerned before commencement of such that journey that had earlier been taken.

WAIT-LIST – A customer or passengers awaiting confirmation for a seat or space in the aircraft’s initial booking or reservation.

CABOTAGE FLIGHT – A carriage of passengers and their goods between two-point within the same country, for example; ACCRA-KUMASI, in other words, a cabotage flight may be referred to as DOMESTIC FLIGHT

HIGH SEASON – Some referred to as SUMMERTIME: Time of the year when tourists are usually densely populated in a particular country for exploration and sightseeing.

INCENTIVE TRAVEL – A trip offered by an organization or airline to encourage their staff to travel with their families particularly when on their annual leave. Such a ticket is called a staff ticket or incentive tickets.

LOW SEASON – Time of the year when tourists are not commonly seeing for exploration places of interest or historical places.

ON REQUEST – Time used to indicate that space on an aircraft has been requested but is yet to be confirmed.

SEASON RATE – Variation in the price for the same service as the normal fare or rate depending upon the time of the year.

TAX – Charges levied on transportation document or charged paid by the passenger at the airport before departure or arrival or charges added to the fare paid by the passenger at the time of purchasing a ticket or charges added to the bill of Hotels, Restaurants, Guesthouse, Resorts which is expected to be paid by customers before departing Hotels and so on.

UNACCOMPANIED MINOR – A child from the age of two to twelve years old traveling by air without being accompanied by an adult.

COMMISSION – Amount of money, usually determined as a percentage of the sale price and paid to travel agent by airline for the sales of air transportation and other services.

SCHEDULE AIRLINE – Airline that operates on a time basis.

CHARTER FLIGHT – Rented airline for a specific journey. It can be shared by tour operations.