As a rule, passengers who embark first leave the aircraft last. After having disembarked all passengers, those who require special handling will remain on board and have the assistance to disembark securely.  Exceptions to this rule are: 

  • VIP passengers
  • Unaccompanied minors

Disembarkation over the platform (Ramp)

  • Passengers walk to the airport building

Passengers disembark through the front exit and back exit. At the exit, they are awaited by ground attendants and accompanied to the airport building.

  • Passengers are transferred by bus

Buses shall be parked parallel to the fuselage of the aircraft.  All passengers disembark through the front aircraft exist. Business-class passengers disembark first. 

Disembarkation via air-bridge 

Passengers disembark only through the door to which the air-bridge is attached. Passengers occupying the seats, which are closer to the exit door, disembark first. Passengers requiring special assistance will disembark last. Unaccompanied minors shall be delivered to the ground-handling attendants before the disembarkation of other passengers commences.

If the ground attendants are not yet present, minors shall be retained in the aircraft and delivered after other passengers have been disembarked.