Important persons

Important personalities from the political, scientific, economic or cultural life of domestic and foreign countries traveling on flights shall be treated with special and courteous care. They are ranked to:

  • VIP (Very Important Person)
  • CIP (Commercial Important Person)
  • PIP (Public Important Person)

VIP status is only granted to high ranking government officials and officials of international organizations as:

  • Heads of States
  • Heads of Government Ministries
  • Crowned heads
  • Ambassadors
  • Clerical dignities
  • Secretaries-General of leading international organizations
  • Delegation with at least one member of VIP status
  • Other very prominent persons traveling on official business when high official bodies request special treatment.

High ranking and self-evident VIPs of the Republic of a country are: 

  • President of the Republic of a country.
  • Prime Minister of the Republic of a country.
  • President of National Assembly of the Republic of a country.
  • Minister of Foreign Affair of the Republic of a country.

VIP passenger shall:

  • Be addressed by his title and name
  • Not be called over the public address system
  • Not be directed to the check-in counter

A VIPs request to travel incognito must be strictly observed. 

Taking care of VIP passengers shall not lead to the negligence of other passengers.

CIP/PIP status may be granted to: 

  • Board members
  • Presidents or vice-presidents of large corporations in industry, trade or banking -Famous artists, etc.

Travel arrangement

VIP, CIP or PIP codes are to be inserted by an SSR CKIN element in the PNR

Self-evident VIPs are automatically confirmed.  For all other categories, an approval from District Manager or Route manager is requested. Stations are not in a position to attend passenger’s designated CIP or PIP status without that approval. 

Check-in procedure 

Whenever the Protocol of the Republic of a country or Protocol of Ministry of Foreign Affairs arranges VIPs travel, their instructions shall be taken into consideration. 

Check-in for the flight can be performed in advance if a Protocol representative presents tickets. Seats are allocated according to Protocol requirements within operational capability. Checked baggage must be weighed and security checked. The baggage is additionally equipped with a special VIP/PRIORITY baggage tag and loaded into the aircraft load compartment separately from other passenger baggage. Airlines’ representative has to relay all necessary important personal information to the Purser.

Departure Airport 

Airlines Welcome service or Representative greets important person upon arrival at the airport and invites VIP person to VIP lounge and CIP/PIP persons to VIP or Business Lounge according to reservation notice. 

Important persons embark on the aircraft before other passengers. If travel is arranged by Protocol, VIP passengers may have direct access to the aircraft after Immigration and Customs clearance. In case of Protocol notification of VIP late arrival to the airport, the flight can be delayed only with Airlines Operations permission.

After the flight departure dispatch of PSM with the following data is required: 

  • Passenger name and status (VIP, CIP, PIP)
  • Passenger title
  • Baggage location and number of pieces

Transfer Airport 

  • Airlines’ Representative must inform receiving carries Representative of a passenger (name, status, title…), flight (time of arrival, delay, if any, connection flight number…) and all other significant information. Airlines’ Representative must greet passenger(s) upon arrival, make an invitation to lounge, arrange all travel documents for further journeys and supervise baggage transfer.
  • When the transfer is performed onto another Airlines’ flight the departure airport procedure applies.

Transit Airport 

If passengers do not leave aircraft in transit, the Airlines’ cabin attendants offer necessary service and attention to important persons. If passengers disembark the aircraft due to Airport Authorities regulation or aircraft change the Departure airport procedure applies. 

Arrival Airport

Important persons disembark aircraft first. Airlines Welcome service or Representative greet important person upon arrival at the airport. When a welcome is organized by Protocol all other passengers disembark aircraft through rear exit after the arrival ceremony is finished.


  • When a flight is delayed, important persons must be informed of the cause of delay and of the estimated time of departure. Airlines’ Representative has to express an apology for the inconvenience.
  • If a connection is missed due to the delay a new most convenient routing must be arranged.
  • The important person must be offered refreshments or meals according to the delay.
  • Hotel accommodation is offered in case of a longer delay. All other objective wishes must be met as well.

If the flight is canceled important persons must be informed of the cause of cancellation and offered the first available connection or alternative transportation.