Inadmissible passenger

Inadmissible passenger (INAD) is passengers who are refused entry to a country by the immigration authorities of such country (due to invalid passport, lack of visa, etc.) and are returned by the first possible connection. The refused entry shall be reported to the carrier or his agent.

Travel Arrangement

Restrictions waived due to INAD

When the passenger has a return ticket, but restrictions are entered thereon (minimum stay, the validity of tariff, etc.), these restrictions can be waived and the ticket can be used for the return carriage. Restrictions waived due to INAD shall be entered in the endorsements box.

Return of INAD

When an INAD passenger does not hold a return ticket, the inbound carrier will issue him a ticket for the outbound carriage to his point of origin or to the place on the route, where admissible, determined by the authorities refusing him entry to the country. The special code that would have been charged if the ticket for the entire journey had been purchased before the commencement of the inbound journey. Unused flight coupons from the passenger’s partial payment of the new ticket. 

The inbound carrier is responsible for collecting the fare or the difference in fare for the return ticket from the passenger.

If there are reasons to believe that the inadmissible passenger will be a source of annoyance to other passengers and crew, the DEPA procedure must be applied.


The inadmissible passenger shall be held responsible for all expenses (food, hotel accommodation, ground transportation, fines, guarding and alike) incurred by him or on his behalf at the place where he is refused entry until the time of commencement of his outbound carriage. Provided that the passenger cannot pay such expenses, the carriers may absorb them.

Inadmissible passengers are treated with the same courtesy and the tact as all other passengers on board but are boarded before other passengers. Their presence shall be reported to the captain and the purser. Transportation payment of INAD passengers shall be in the economy class of service.