MAAS service is for passengers who require assistance in situations where other passengers do not need it due to their age, language inability, and difficult orientation at the arrival or transfer points or due to other reasons.


Before check-in a passenger for MAAS employee must make sure that there is a real need for MAAS; According to the MAAS information in the check-in system, the corresponding MAAS service will be provided;

  • The assistance does not include carrying hand baggage.
  • Arranging information in PIL and sending the PSM about the MAAS passenger to all stations en-route and the destination.
  • Airlines’ staff or H/A at the station of arrival/transfer will contact the passenger upon arrival at the aircraft.
  • Airlines’ staff or H/A will accompany the passenger to the gate for the connecting flight or will accompany passengers through the passport control to collect baggage and then to the arrival hall.

Airlines’ staff or H/A will help to solve possible lost or damaged baggage claims.