Unaccompanied minor

Unaccompanied minors are children who are 5-12 years old and travel alone. At the request of parents, also older children (12-16 years) can be carried as unaccompanied minors. 

Children, younger than 5 years and having no escort, may not be accepted for carriage. An escort can be either one of the parents or elder brother or sister (over 14 years and with a reservation for an adult) or any person over 16 years. 

The escort must be allotted the aisle seat immediately adjacent to the minor who is being escorted. 

The latest check-in time for UMNR is increased by 30min on all flights. 

UM may travel in any class, provided that respective fare has been paid. Minimum connection time must be increased by 30 min on time given from the airport.

The number of additional cabin attendants is based on the total number of UM`s on board. 





26 and more






When there are 26 or more unaccompanied minors on the aircraft, the regulation for mass transport of children apply. 

CHD with a physical handicap is accepted as UMNR if able to fasten and unfasten its seatbelt. 

CHD with a mental handicap is accepted as UMNR, but no more than 4 UMNR per flight. 

UMNR age between 2 and 4 included need to be escorted by airline staff. This service comes at an additional charge. When quotas have been reached, additional reservations are refused. 

 Travel arrangement 

For the acceptance of unaccompanied minors for the flight, the following conditions shall be met:

  • Reservation for carriage is made under SSR.
  • Confirmed flight reservation for the entire journey,
  • Children must have all the documents required by current legislation and regulations (currently valid identity papers with a photograph, and if needed, a release note, a visa, and a vaccination certificate).
  • Valid ticket and the UM code and the minor’s age entered in the appropriate box.
  • All flights and other arrangements confirmed by participating Carriers – travel involves same-day connections on one or more flights Go show UMNR are not accepted.

 Airport procedure 

A Handling Advice for the unaccompanied minor must be completed in sufficient copies by the airlines’ staff or Handling Agent before check-in. Parents/guardians will give all the necessary details. Handling advice must be signed by parents/guardians. Staff concerned must sign all copies. Distribution instruction is printed on the form.

Each UM will be given a plastic UM wallet for safe carriage of minor’s documents. 


In addition to general check-in instructions, it is necessary to: 

  • Check if Handling advise form is signed and UM charge paid
  • Attach UM label or UM string tag to checked and unchecked baggage
  • Allot a seat according to AHM050 (Airport Handling Manual)
  • Give a minor UM wallet and put therein all the required documents and a boarding pass;
  • Insert, for dispatch of PSM, if data, not present SSR code UMNR;
  • In the endorsement box of the ticket (non-automated station)
  • In the Departure Control System (automated station)

Departure airport 

  • The handling agent will give the minor the necessary assistance in further procedures (passport, custom, security controls). From the time of check-in, during the immigration and customs control and until the minors have boarded the aircraft (in domestic traffic from the time of entering the gate until he has boarded the plane), the handling agent is responsible for the minor.
  • The minor shall be accompanied to the aircraft and personally delivered to the chief cabin attendant by the ground attendant. There, it is checked again whether the minor has the wallet with the necessary documents. Unaccompanied minors board the aircraft before other passengers. The escort on departure must remain at the airport until the flight has departed. When the flight departure is delayed, the minor remains in the custody of his parents/guardian. The escort on arrival shall be informed about the delay. 
  • In cases where a change of route and/or a change of flight number or a new reservation is involved, the service making this change shall forward a teletype message containing this information to the airport of destination to organize the delivery of the minor and to furnish the necessary information to the person meeting the minor. The airline’s service agent or handling agent at the airport of destination shall inform this person of the change in route and the new arrival time of the flight.
  • Destination or transfer /transit airport must be informed of UM`s travel using PSM

Transfer airport 

UM shall be met at the aircraft and handed over to the receiving carrier if interline carriage is involved. For in-line carriage, the person meeting the UM at the aircraft assists him/her with check-in and airport procedure. The delivery carrier is obliged to arrange the continuation of the journey in case of a misconnection. The minor remains in the custody of the delivering Carrier until the minor is accepted from the receiving Carrier. The escort on arrival shall be informed about the new routing personally.

Transit station 

Whenever possible keep the UM on board during ground stops. If disembarkation required, meet the UM at the aircraft and keep him /her under custody during transit time. When the flight departure is delayed, the minor remains in the custody of the delivering Carrier. The escort on arrival shall be informed about the delay.

Arrival airport 

UM shall be met at the aircraft and handed over to the appointed person mentioned in handling advice for unaccompanied minors after completing all necessary formalities.

Destination Airport 

In the case that no one is meeting the minor on his arrival, contact shall be established with the person at the address indicated on the Handling Advice for UM. If this is not possible, the parents/guardian shall be requested to instruct as to whom the minor shall be delivered or the instruction to return the minor to his parents (at the parent’s expense). When necessary, the UM and assigned escort shall be provided hotel accommodation.


In all situations, the child must be under the constant supervision of an airline agent or representative during the whole duration of the accommodation.   

The agent shall remain in the room if minor is younger than 15 years, or in an adjacent room if the minor is older than 15 years. 

Several children can be grouped into the same bedroom if: 

  • Members of the same family,
  • Or by identical sex,
  • Or a similar age for children under 10.